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The Pacific Northwest | by: { Griffen Lamb }

All This Bad Blood is an extended version of Bastille’s studio debut album, Bad Blood. It was released on 25 November 2013, and featured the single “Of the Night”.

Indiependence Festival 2013 (c) Ciaran O’Brien


!!! this is a friend group for people who will like to make friends and like bands !!! we are adding and tbh 90 percent of my best friends on tumblr are in this group! everyone is so friendly, funny, and great to talk to!

here are all the members 

we track #bandspg

how to apply;


  • like bands and be cool
  • be active 
  • blog about bands
  • defend comedown machine to the death

perks of joining;

  • meeting people that love bands and making new friends!
  • private tinychats !! 
  • follow each other on instagram // snapchat // etc.
  • just discuss of the bands we like and music
  • becoming best friends !!!!

we will choose in about 2 weeks or when enough people apply ! :)

!!!! thanks !!!


The Magic Begins
↳ 27: Favourite friendship


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“Who will guard us against the guardians?” ― Susan Ee, Angelfall